Trapper Jacks Sponsors The West Coast Rodent Academy

The West Coast Rodent Academy is a three-day training event that was held at the University of California’s South Coast Research & Extension Center in Irvine. Trapper Jacks was proud to be a sponsor of the event.

The event was limited to only 45 technicians, who came from states as far away as Alaska.

Dr. Niamh Quinn, the University of California Extension Human-Wildlife Interactions Advisor, was a featured speaker. She shared with us her knowledge of various rodent species that we need to deal with, and the results of her research studies. While she has a wealth of knowledge on the subject, it was most striking when she said, “Unfortunately, we know more about polar bears than we do about rodents”. There is so much more to learn, and we all should look forward to what she will accomplish with her research.

Timmy Madere, an Urban Rodentologist from the city of New Orleans, was another of the featured speakers. He has spent his life doing research work, and his primary focus is on commensal rodents and urban rodent control. He is a hands-on type of guy, and he had numerous stories and examples of how he has solved tough rodent problems in real-world conditions.

We also had speakers from the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District, Los Angeles County Ag Commissioners Office, as well as representatives from the manufacturers of rodent control products.

Numerous samples of various rodent species were on display for attendees to examine up close. They also had hands-on classes for inspections, rodent exclusions, trapping, and rodent baiting.

Trapper Jacks had a booth on display at the event. They handed out samples of our products, performed demonstrations of how to use their Macadamia Nut Rodent Lure, and showed them how to improve their rodent trapping performance.

Terry Singleton, the President of Trapper Jacks, said, “It was great to be a part of this event. The response from all of the technicians, company owners, and distributers, was simply amazing. So many of them have used Trapper Jacks in the past, and they had great stories to share about their success with the product. They were all very enthusiastic to see that Trapper Jacks was back in the business to provide them with their favorite rodent lure!”