Trapper Jack’s Is Back!

Due to overwhelming demand, TRAPPER JACK’S PROFESSIONAL MACADAMIA NUT RODENT LURE is back in production! Nothing has changed – this is the same exact product that pest control professionals have used around the world for decades!

TRAPPER JACK’S PROFESSIONAL MACADAMIA NUT RODENT LURE uses natural food products and their odors to lure rodents and many other animals to the trap. Each lure is ready to use and sealed for freshness in individual plastic wrappers. No mixing!

This lure is ideal for hard to reach places, such as attics, dropped ceilings, and crawl spaces. Trapper Jack’s Lure saves you time and money by using fewer traps and covering larger areas.

Unlike peanut butter or some liquid rodent baits, it's almost impossible for a rodent to lick TRAPPER JACK'S LURE off a snap trap without setting off the trigger. No coming back a day later to find empty traps licked clean!

TRAPPER JACK’S LURE lasts up to eight weeks in a trap without losing its effectiveness. After two to three days, peanut butter turns rancid and meats start to rot.

Each bar of lure will bait up to ten snap traps or glue boards. Pest control professionals love the built-in quality control of being able to track the number of traps baited and the amount of lure used. TRAPPER JACK’S LURE will keep the rodents coming back, again and again.

And with no poison ingredients, your customers will appreciate that using TRAPPER JACK’S LURE is safe to use around pets as well as in food processing plants, hospitals, and schools, along with your IPM programs.

As a part of any environmentally sensitive, non-poisonous attracting and trapping program, TRAPPER JACK’S PROFESSIONAL MACADAMIA NUT RODENT LURE can’t be beat.